Welcome to the Club.  We want to have fun and we want our new members to have fun too through the wonderful game of lawn bowling.   Now let’s get started!


    • $130.00 – Per person/year
    • $65 – Youth members (18 and under)
    • $30 – Social Membership
    • $10.00 – Small lockers or $15.00 for large lockers (Assigned on first come bases)
    • $90.00 – Associate membership if you are a member of another club
    • Tournaments –

Contact for information or lessons

Ross 250-318-1275

Membership form

Membership in the Club automatically includes membership in the Interior Lawn Bowling Association (ILBA) and Bowls BC.  The Membership fee also includes personal injury insurance purchased cooperatively through Bowls BC.  Download our membership form.

 Bowl Rental

The Club has spare sets of bowls, which new members can use.   Members can rent a set of bowls for two years.  Eventually, most members want to own their bowls (always buy a matching set of four) and there are usually previously owned sets available for sale.  Renting however allows the new member to try a few sizes to determine what best suits them best.

Rental rate:

  • $20.00/season for adults
  • $10.00/season for juniors

Included in your material is an educational entitled “E2, All about Bowls”.  Before purchasing used bowls, new members are encouraged to discuss the markings found on all bowls with a Club member.


Players are required to wear flat-soled shoes such as tennis shoes while playing on the greens.

For social bowling (jitneys) any style of dress is fine.  At the height of summer, most members wear shorts and dress for comfort.  It is requested however for any inter-club tournaments or special events that people dress in respectful, clean attire and if playing as a team dress uniformly with your teammates.

Our Season

First day of bowling is May 1. Tuesday and Thursday bowling will be at 10:00am. For Monday, Wednesday and Friday bowling starts at 6:30pm. Sunday bowling is in the afternoon at 2:00pm.